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Feed Ingredients

Kilfera has a separate dedicated animal feed processing plant where we make our own feed blends using dry dairy powders and other ingredients. We have the capability and flexibility to process small or large volume orders. Product can be packed in bulk tote up to 1000 kg or paper sacks (10-25kg).

The business can also offer a bespoke service where customers may require surplus dry food powders to be removed from branded packaging e.g. tins, Tetra Pak cartons, plastic and paper in accordance with relevant legalisation. These products can be packed in bags or totes. Each bag is labelled in accordance with Category 3 (EC Reg 1069/2011 Regulations) and includes a unique traceability number. 

For added assurance, a certificate of destruct can be issued to customers on request. 

The feed business is registered by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

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